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  1. All prices contain tax VAT.

2. How to make an order.

If you want to make order, please contact us by email and write parts you need.

The best way if you copy link of parts and paste it to email.

3. How to pay.

You can pay to our bank account.

  • For payment in Euro:


PL 36 2490 0005 0000 4600 3187 1068



Slawomir Muraszewski

Kasztanowa 24a

91-487 LODZ

  • For payment in PLZ

21 2490 0005 0000 4500 3228 3346

  • We accept PayPal, but you need add 5% to final price (PayPal fee)

PayPal login:


4. How fast you get package.

It depends.

  • When we confirm availability of parts, and we get payment.
  • Option of shipping:

Polish Post – cheap but not fast (Europ shipping form 4 to 10 days, cost from 6 Euro)

Curier DPD – package in 3 to 6 days ( cost from 16 Euro to 30 Euro – 30 kg)


We invite you to our magazine in Poland.

If you want, you can visit us, look at the parts and pick up orders.

Before your arive please contakt us by email or Phone, so we have time to prepare everything and be at time in store.

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